9/15/18 Saturday Practice

Today we worked on planning and starting to prototype the wheel base of our robot. We had the idea of making a linear slide lift for the robot. We started sketching ideas for the robot that we can put our engineering notebook. Also, we are working on trying to access our Instagram, @ftc_10012 for this year, updating websites, budgeting and ordering parts, fixing the 3D printer, and working on sketching out what we need for the season. Our grant application for the Nevada Foundation was completed, as well. 

Team Roles

Katie Borton- Team Coach

James Borton- Team Coach

Eli- Mascot

Mike Pash- Mentor

Nathan Tanner- Team Captain

Andrew Barloon - Team Captian

Izzy Humpal-Pash - Builder

Jada Stinn - Business

River Long - Programming

Ryan Devano - Programing

Ben Humpal-Pash - Business/Budgeting

Kayleigh Edmonds - Builder

Marissa Lindemann - Business

Samantha Rout - Builder

Claire Huegerich - Outreach

Mathew Huegerich - Outreach

Payton Mosinski - Social Media / Outreach

Branden McGaffin - Outreach

2016-17 FTC Season

We wanted originally to throw the balls into the hoop, but we had some difficulties. It was hard. At first, we would make a cannon, but that did not work. Then we decided on a weird-looking catapult thing. We had to create and recreate a scoop to pick up the balls from the ground, which would then sort of fling it into the robot and it would go on a little path thing to the catapult. Then we would throw it and hope it made it into the hoop. We had some difficulties trying to make the arm strong enough to make the ball into the hoop. Eventually we figured out that we had to use rubber bands to get enough force to throw the ball high enough.