A peak into my classroom...Earthquake Shake Off

One of the best parts of the Instructional Guide role in Nevada is that I still get to teach! Granted it is only two classes, but I will be honest...somedays, those classes are the charge of electricity I need to serve others. 

We are just getting started with Geology, which I love! Hands-on, anyone?! Well...I like to kick off the learning with a little engineering. I challenged students with the questions, "What makes a structure "safe" during an earthquake?" and "What happens during an earthquake?" I told them the parameters of the "Earthquake Shake Off Challenge" and then...I just let them go. 

What I love about asking intriguing questions and clearly defining success is that students get to be the drivers. The teaching part for me was in the planning and the expectations I set up to allow students to engage without constant berating by Mrs. B. What I can tell you is that in this type of learning format, students can truly shine. All students...no matter their struggles or advancements. Students are able to create, problem-solve, and collaborate all while having fun. So cool right?!? Man, I love my job!

Here are my resources if you want to do it too!

Challenge Slides