#ASCDL2L with Brian Mendler - Greatest Takeaway?

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Last night, I took the opportunity to join in on the #ASCDL2L twitter chat featuring Brian Mendler. I have heard a few colleagues rave about trainings they have experiences with Mendler, a specialist discipline with dignity. The chat did not disappoint. I learned a lot and found myself eager to learn more. My big takeaway was a result of Question 4. 

If you are unfamiliar with twitter chats, they tend to be focused on questions in which all participants respond and then engage in dialogue around the topic. I think it is an incredible learning tool as you get a chance to collaborate with others across the country or even world. As I reflect on my greatest learning, I find myself most excited about L.A.A.D.

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True story, our kids have emotions. We are all better if we acknowledge the emotions rather than trying to correct them in a high-intensity moment. 

What?! This seems obvious, but I am going to go ahead and say that L.A.A.D would NOT be my first instinct when reading his example. The student is being disrespectful! But here is my AHA, Brian does not say to let the disrespect go, he says to deal with it later. Why? Because later allows for everyone to calm down a bit and BOTH have a rational conversation. With the L.A.A.D. approach, you can break the cycle of disruption by responding to a student in an unexpected way. It is eye opening to remember to step outside of my needs and show the value to the student. Trite statement here but, our kids have emotions. We are all better if we acknowledge the emotions rather than trying to correct them during a high-intensity moment. This is where my other favorite acronym from the chat came in. 

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Q.T.I.P...oh my goodness. I am thinking a giant QTIP in my classroom feels appropriate. It is so easy to slip into the mistake of taking a students behavior personally. I can think of 2 times this year where I apologized to a student for my frustrated response. Talk about humble pie! But, ultimately, serving myself a giant slice is always worth protecting the relationship I have with a student. But my pride (and love for my kids) would appreciate employing a better strategy.

This is why I am so excited about L.A.A.D. It is a simple, applicable way to diffuse a situation, honor the student, and move forward. I have already used it today! I love when I get a chance to engage in PD I can immediately apply to my context. If you get a chance, join in on a #ASCDL2L. They happen the first Tuesday of the Month at 7pm CST. 

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