Why blog about my journey?

I have realized, over time, that stories and learning are best remembered when placed in a permanent location. In the past, I have recorded my journey in notebooks, lesson plans, highlighted pages of books, emails, post-it notes, napkins, etc. However, my gift of organization makes tracking that learning in a sequential and valuable way...limited. I should note that by the gift of organization, I mean... my tendency to rely on my ever decreasing mental capacity to remember where I placed X, Y, and Z.

Why is my mental capacity decreasing, you may ask? Well, their names are Naomi and Eli. They are the best parts of me, but man having little people sure changes your intellectual fortitude. Loss of sleep? Obsession with their well being? Lack of personal space and time? I have no idea. But I do know that my husband has taken to reminding our children that, "they used to have intelligent parents." 

None the less, here I am to document my learning, my opportunities to grow, and my privilege to serve. I hope you enjoy my ramblings because given my cognitive capacity...learning might be a bit winding.