Chapter 11 More Big Organic

1.  Does the label “free range” on organic chicken mean that the birds go outside?

2.  Compared to conventional chickens, what benefits do the animals get?

3.  How was the organic frozen T.V. dinner that Pollan tried?

4.  What was the dilemma with the asparagus from Argentina? (Three things)

5.  Is organic better for you?

6.  Does organic food contain more nutrients?

7.  Pollan feels that industrial organic is much better than conventional industrial, yet how

     are the two still similar in some ways?

8.  Why doesn’t Polyface Farm ship food?


Ch. 12

1.  How did Pollan feel on his first day on Joel Salatin’s farm?

2.  What did Pollan want to know by coming to this farm?

3.  What is the difference between Polyface Farm and an industrial farm?

4.  What are some of the benefits of this type of farming (Polyface)?

5.  When did people first learn to plant wheat, rice, and corn?

6.  Write three sentences that compare the Naylor Farm and the Polyface Farm.

     (use “ but, although, however”)

7.  What is the difference between the organic chicken you buy at the supermarket and

      the “beyond organic” chicken you buy at Polyface Farm?