Fair Isn’t Always Equal 

Article: Standards-Based Grading- Fair Isn’t Always Equal by Rick Wormeli


1. Throughout the article, the author asserts that certain grading practices are harmful to students. In what ways do you agree and disagree?

2. How might you use the arguments presented in this article in your context?

Essential Questions


1. What are important components of essential questions?

2. What makes the question essential?

3. How would the questions help with your instruction?

Using Essential Questions to Drive Instruction


1. Why are essential questions valuable to your instruction?

2. What are some components of essential questions?

What on Earth are Success Criteria?


1. Why are the components of Success Criteria?

2. What is the purpose of Success Criteria?

3. How might you use these in your classroom/curriculum?

Saving Time with Rubrics


1. What is a single point rubric?

2. Why might these be valuable for you in your teaching?

3. How is this process for creating rubrics different than what you have heard in the past?