Write to Learn, Not Learn to Write


1. What do you think about using writing to encourage thinking in your space?

2. How might you apply this approach to your space?

3. How could use the idea of a 7-minute write in your context?

4. How could this be used to encourage collaboration or substantive conversation?

Improving Conversations: Talk Detectives


1. While this strategy may seem a bit elementary, how could you use the strategy in an age-appropriate way?

2. How might secret "detectives" hold students accountable to a conversation?

3. What might you include in a "conversation" rubric for a student to measure effectiveness?

Stop, Write, and Discuss

Article: Stop, Write, and Discuss Literacy strategies to transform instruction and deepen learning By: Kasey Short


1. What did you like about using this strategy?

2. What might be some ways you would see yourself using this strategy in the future?