Classroom Culture: Shout Outs 


1. While the children are quite small in this video, how could you use this strategy in your space to build relationships and culture?

2. How might you front-load the social contract to ensure students embrace shout-outs in a culture building format?

3. How do you see this strategy aligning with CKH?

Classroom Culture: Professional Courtesy


1. How might a coined term like "professional courtesy" help with appropriate engagement in your space?

2. The teacher mentions teaching students their specific expectations for professional courtesy. What types of expectations would you want for students to exhibit professional courtesy?

Build Empathy with Technology


1. In this short video, the presenter mentions 3 things you could do in your classroom to build empathy. What kinds of things are you already doing that fall in line with her point?

2. What is something you could do right away?

3. How might this short video have gotten your wheels turning on ways to include empathy building in the future?

Dealing with Digital Distraction in the Classroom


1. What ideas in this video would work in your space?

2. What are some expectations you already have in your space?

3. What are some boundaries you can add to your space?

Managing Stress with the Snowball Method


1. What do you like about this strategy?

2. How might writing down stress and throwing it away help focus students?